My name is Pedro. Or Damasio. Whatever. I work with content production, communication and stuff (this stuff).
My background is music, skateboarding, art, photography, video and independent media, but also branding, communication and advertising. My goal is to make these universes work together in order to bring culture, knowledge and entertainment to people.

I have a strategic and creative mindset, but also hands-on and DIY. I'm used to work by myself or within groups, often setting up and managing teams. I've been called "Jack of all trades, but master of none" and to this day I haven't found out whether this is good or not :)

I worked with brands and media channels like Void, Vista, Canal Off, MTV, Converse, Yerbah, Diadora, adidas Originals, Red Bull, Passport, AMBEV, Melissa, Renner e Santander Cultural. I'm producer/curator of Mimpi Film Festival, volunteer at Lipstick Inc and member of Nodal. Every now and then I take pictures and eventually get into music.